Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano


Quality controls for wine - Entry of quantities for fruit

The Agriculture Division has two major fields of activity. The execution of quality controls for the South Tyrolean wine industry and the registration of harvest quantities and inventory levels for the South Tyrolean fruit industry.


In South Tyrol, about 5,000 winegrowers cultivate nearly 5,300 hectares of vineyards. With 98 percent DOC(Controlled designation of origin)-Wines, the harvest quality is extremely high. The Chamber of Commerce's Agriculture Division verifies quality and traceability. The Ministry of Agriculture has entrusted the Chamber of Commerce with the management of the board of control for the certification of wines. Its tasks include carrying out quality controls of DOC-Wines and issuing DOC-Certificates. The board of control is the central contact point for monitoring the entire wine production in South Tyrol.

Fruit cultivation

South Tyrol produces over a million tons of apples annually. Thus, the province supplies about 40 percent of Italian production and about 10 percent of European production. The fruit industry is of great economic importance. About 64 percent of the harvest is exported. The Chamber of Commerce's Agriculture Division registers annual harvest volumes and records monthly inventories.

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