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Our History




  • The Mercantile Magistrate Court is the forerunner of today's Chamber of Commerce and was founded on the prerogative of archduchess Claudia de' Medici.
  • Visitors can obtain excellent information on the role the Mercantile Magistrate Court played at that time from the recently established Merkantilmuseum (Mercantile Museum).


  • The Chamber of Commerce and Trade was founded by imperial resolution.
  • Meanwhile Chambers of Commerce were created in Italy from the middle of the 18th century.


  • The Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano/Bozen was integrated in the structure of the Italian Chamber of Commerce system.


  • The autonomy statute allocated the responsibility for the rules of Chambers of Commerce from Bolzano/ Bozen and Trento to the Region of Trentino-South Tyrol.
    The structure of today's Chamber of Commerce is based on the enacted implementation clause of the autonomy statute of decree number 1017 of 1978 of the President of the Republic and on Regional law number 7 of 09th august 1982 as well as national law number 580 of 29th december 1993.


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